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1. The bus which takes you to the school should be here in a few minutes.

2. The women who plays basketball is my cousin.

3. This is the mobile (that) I found yesterday.

4. An airport is a place where planes land.

Non defining

1. My friend Nara, whose mother is from India, speaks English very well.

2. The "Torre del Mar"hotel, where my husband works, closes in winter.

3. Tanit, who is only 6 years old, plays the piano.

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  • Find the direct Speech and the Reported Speech in this text
Chapter VI

About ten minutes later, the bell rang for dinner, and, as Virginia did not come down, Mrs Otis sent up one of the servants. After a little time he returned and said that he could not find Miss Virginia anywhere. So, the whole family started looking for her.
The hours passed, but they could find no trace of Virginia. So, after dinner, Mr Otis ordered them all to bed, saying that nothing more could be done that night, and that he would contact Scotland Yard in the morning. Just when everybody was about to leave the dining-room, the clock struck midnight, and when the last stroke sounded, a secret door opened in the wall and in that door stood Virginia with a little box in her hand. Everybody ran up to her.
“Good heavens! child, where have you been?” said Mr Otis, rather angrily, as he thought she had been playing a trick on them.
“Papa,” said Virginia quietly, “I have been with the ghost. He is dead, and you must come and see him. He had been very nasty, but he was really sorry for all that he had done, and he gave me this box of beautiful jewels before he died.”
Then she led the others down a narrow secret corridor to a little low room. There the family found the skeleton of Sir Simon, who had been starved to death by his wife's brothers. Virginia knelt down beside the skeleton, and, folding her little hands together, began to pray silently.
Meanwhile, one of the twins was looking out of the window in the little room and suddenly said, “Look! The old almond-tree has blossoms.”
“Then God has forgiven him,” said Virginia and stood up.


1. "I want to buy a pair of boots" she said.
She said (that) she wanted to buy a pair of boots.

2. "I'm not hungry now" he said.
He said (that)he wasn't hungry then.

3. "I'm feeling tired now" said Nancy.
Nancy said (that)he was feeling tired then

4. "We went to the cinema yesterday" they said.
They said (that)they had been to the cinema the previous day.

5. "I will order a new television" he said.
He said he would order a new television.

6. "We were in Barcelona last week" they said.
They said they had been in Barcelona the week before.

7. "We have never been here before" said Paul and Mark.
Paul and Mark said (that) they had never been there before.

8. "I will have finished the exercices by tomorrow" you said.
You said you would have finished the exercices by the next day.

Reported orders and request

9. "Sit down and be quiet"
The teacher told the children to sit down and be quiet.

10."Marga, stop smoking" she said.
She told Marga to stop smoking.

11."Please phone me tomorrow" he said
He told me to phone him the next day.

Reported Questions

12. "Where can we go?" Mary asked
Mary asked David where they could go.

13. "Why are the children studying? He asked me.
He asked me why the children were studying.

14 "Is there a restaurant" asked Donella.
Donella asked if there was a restaurant.

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Do you recognise these places?

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In this website we can find different experiences and resources for teaching.

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I was born on 7th April 1972 in Ibiza, Balearic Islands, so I’m Spanish. I’m thirty-six years old, I’m married and I have two daughters. Aina is seven years old and Laia is four years old. My husband, Roly (his name is John but we always call him Roly) is forty-three years old. He works at the restaurant of a hotel as the Maitre. We have known each other since I was seventeen years old, and 26th November is our nineteenth anniversary.

I’m the youngest of four children, two boys and two girls, Miguel, Pepe, Lina and me. My husband´s family is a big family too, there are five children, all of whom live in Ibiza. When both families get together for a meal we have a big party, there are more than forty of us all together (grandfathers, grandmothers, brothers and sisters, brothers and sisters-in-law, nephews, nieces and their boyfriends and girlfriends). My family is one of the most important things in my life.

I lived in the contryside until I was four years, in a house in a small village, San Mateo, without electricity, without running water and no bathroom. All of my grandparents, both my parents and all my brothers were born in San Mateo. I was the only one of my family who was born in a clinic in Ibiza. I was born at 5:05 a.m.
Afterwards, we moved to a flat in Ibiza, so that my brothers could start work and my sister and I could go to school. My father worked as a truck driver for a few years. Then he was a taxi driver and now he is retired. My mother has never worked outside the home, she takes care of the house and the children.
My two brothers and two of my nephews are also taxi drivers. One of my nephews has been working very hard in summer to pay for his studies. My sister and I work at the airport, for Iberia airlines. We are in the passenger department (check-in and boarding) from May to October.

I went to “La Consolación”infant school, did primary in “Sa Graduada” school and secondary school in “Santa Maria” . When I was eighteen I had to decide if I wanted to continue studying or not. Finally that summer I started working in a clothing store, Mango, and I worked there for eleven years. After that when my first daughter was born I left that job and I started to work in Iberia, but only for the summer season. I usually take advantage of the winter to study. Now I´m studying teaching. This is the third year, and at the moment I’m doing the “Practicum” in a school. The children are so loving and fun, I love it! They´re so spontaneous! And I like their curiosity and energy.

My favourite hobby is travelling. I've been travelling around Spain and Europe but I have also been to Mexico, Thailand, Panama, Turkey, Nepal, Peru, Egypt, Vietnam and Cambodia. Them people I liked most are the Asian. I love travelling to countries with different cultures & traditions.
I’m thinking that next year when I’ll have finished my degree I’ll make a trip with my family, They like travelling too. Maybe we could go to Bali because we’ve got friends there. I think that when you travel you learn a lot and meet interesting people. This is something I would like my daughters to live.
First of all I must finish my degree.


1. Mark is giving back the book to the library.
The book is being given back to the library by Mark.

2. Thomas is drinking a coke.
A coke is being drunk by Thomas.

3. Jane will visit “El Prado”museum.
“El Prado”museum will be visited by Jane.

4. They sold their flat.
Their flat was sold by them.

5. Nancy was eating a big cake.
A big cake was being eaten by Nancy

6. John has paid the bill.
The bill has been paid by John.

7. Sam had written an article.
An article had been written by Sam.

8. You should open the window.
The window should be opened.

9. The tables haven’t been cleaned by the waiters.

10. Have the activities been done?