domingo, 23 de noviembre de 2008



1. I haven't spoken to Judith for a long time. I must phone her.

2. He must study before he goes out with his friends.

3. That restaurant is always full. It must be good and cheap.

Have to

1. I have to wear this uniform for working.

2. Why did you have to go to the doctor?

3. I had to see my family before leaving for the airport.

Don't have to/don't need to/needn't

1. I don't have to work this Saturday morning.

2. You don't need to wear your coat today but don't forget your sunglasses.

2. You needn't take a car. The cinema is near here.

3. We didn't have to pay at the museum. Entry was free.

Need to

1. I need to think about this. I will phone you tomorrow.

2. I need to buy a new pair of shoes.


1. You mustn't smoke in the lift.

2. She mustn't read my diary if I don't want her to.

Should/Ought to/had better

1. I should buy a bottle of wine for dinner.

2. He should wear a suit for the job interview.

3. She ought to go to the hospital to see her friend.

4. What do you suggest I ought to do about my job?

5. That restaurant is very expensive. You had better go to the bank now.

6. Are you going out tonight? I had better not, I've got a lot to study.

Can/could/be able to

1. We can see Dalt Vila from all the bedrooms in the new flat.

2. When we stayed in Egypt we could see the Giza pyramids from our hotel.

3. I used to be able to swim one hour without stopping.

4. I was be able to finish my homework because nobody interrupted me.


Where's Gemma?

- She may be working

- She might want to be alone

- She may be busy

- She might not work here any more.

-She might have gone home early...

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