viernes, 16 de enero de 2009


1. "I want to buy a pair of boots" she said.
She said (that) she wanted to buy a pair of boots.

2. "I'm not hungry now" he said.
He said (that)he wasn't hungry then.

3. "I'm feeling tired now" said Nancy.
Nancy said (that)he was feeling tired then

4. "We went to the cinema yesterday" they said.
They said (that)they had been to the cinema the previous day.

5. "I will order a new television" he said.
He said he would order a new television.

6. "We were in Barcelona last week" they said.
They said they had been in Barcelona the week before.

7. "We have never been here before" said Paul and Mark.
Paul and Mark said (that) they had never been there before.

8. "I will have finished the exercices by tomorrow" you said.
You said you would have finished the exercices by the next day.

Reported orders and request

9. "Sit down and be quiet"
The teacher told the children to sit down and be quiet.

10."Marga, stop smoking" she said.
She told Marga to stop smoking.

11."Please phone me tomorrow" he said
He told me to phone him the next day.

Reported Questions

12. "Where can we go?" Mary asked
Mary asked David where they could go.

13. "Why are the children studying? He asked me.
He asked me why the children were studying.

14 "Is there a restaurant" asked Donella.
Donella asked if there was a restaurant.

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